Ghost Town Refuge Competition Federal Participations CPM Moscow 2020 energetic and formal redevelopment of a detached house Study Innovation Center Bayer MaterialScience historic courtyard Kerken Osnabrück Zoo Entrance Area Vesuvius METEC Mehrzweckhalle Linden-Neusen Multipurpose hall in Linden-Neusen Sanierung eines historischen Eifelhauses Renovation work: historic “Eifelhaus” building Seniorenresidenz MZ Bardenberg Retirement home in MZ Bardenberg FabBus FH Aachen FabBus MAN IAA NFZ 2016 MAN IAA NFZ 2016 COVESTRO COVESTRO K 2016
+++ it´s amazing what opportunities a new perspective offers...stay optimistic, it's worth it! +++