Competition entry: a new community centre for St. Andreas


Submit a feasible rough concept for the renewal of the St. Andreas community centre, considering its relationship with the existing building. Special emphasis should be placed on optimizing the room arrangement and the functionality of the entire community centre.


To create new spaces for the parish of St. Andreas, the new configuration of the community centre takes up the lines and axes of the architecture of the church of St. Andreas. An inviting space is drawn, welcoming the guests of the community, and offering a place of encounter and togetherness. It is the beginning of a continuous dialogue between the various spaces for the community, the church, the community centre, the playground, and the entrances from the street: everything flows into the central square. In addition to the expansion of the building, open or partially roofed zones are created in continuity with the interiors, opening them towards the church and generating new additional spaces for the community. Moreover, the large windows of the central common room offer a direct visual connection to the church, both from within the building and from the square. With their deep parapets planned at seat height, they create a further quality of stay in the outdoor area. By using partition walls, the interiors can be designed in such a way that maximum flexibility is guaranteed and different groups of people as well as events with many guests can be easily accommodated. The kitchen, located in the core of the building, acts like a hinge that allows any room to be used without further impairment. Great importance has been also granted to the arrangement of the emergency exits. In addition, different groups can enter the community centre from separate entrances and exits to ensure maximum security, also in accordance with the current hygiene safety measures. The demolition work is minimized, and great attention is paid to the energy efficiency of the new components.


  • Requirements and structural analysis
  • Design and visualization
  • Costs calculation according to DIN 276