historic courtyard Kerken


Modernisation and change of use of the former barn of a historical courtyard in Kerken, district of Kleve for use as an extension of the existing residential building.


The courtyard complex consists of numerous auxiliary buildings as well as a 2.5-storey residential house with adjoining barn in two parts. As part of the modernisation of the residential building, the adjacent part of the barn was to be added to the residential building. The design concept initially foresees a change of use and energetic refurbishment of one barn and integrates it into the structure of the residential building by opening the gable wall as a flowing spatial structure. In connection with the open ground floor plan of the dwelling house with kitchen and study, created by demolition of some interior walls, a generous, new living/dining room with adjoining guest room and bath is created. The gutted barn opens up to the residents over the entire building height of about 7.0 metres up to the visibly preserved historic roof truss and enables a spectacular feeling of space. The former hayloft, connected to the upper floor of the house, is used as a play gallery for the children. The replacement of old gate systems by large glazed areas, enlarged window openings and a new lighting concept offer sufficient lighting and set the room atmospherically in scene. A glass door system on the ground floor forms the transition to the second barn, which not only provides a view of the old barn, but also a view through the old external gate into the garden and landscape.


  • Requirements and structural analysis
  • Design and visualisation
  • Cost estimation DIN 276
  • Building application and monitoring of the approval procedure
  • execution planning
  • Thermal insulation certificate (component)
  • demand-oriented energy certificate