Games Developers Conference 2009-2011

contact partner

Doris Bültmann

dipl.-des. doris bültmann

+49 241.609 14-20

project architect

dipl.-ing. dominik leis


Architectural concept for the uniform frame design and construction of an information centre with information counter, lounge, meeting zones and a kitchen with storage facility.


With a uniform formation, the frame design and information stand needed to underscore the community character of German participation, as well as provide information to visitors and create an inviting atmosphere.

The design incorporates neuronal network structures, which function as a shell of innovative development and as a symbol of active play.

The exhibition construction system, which also uses conventional building materials, serves as the underlying framework for the outer shell (h= 3.00m), which is made from a combination of different network structures in white and 1.00 m wide, blue sheets of fabric. The German participation is captured by a 60 cm high sign incorporating the “Made in Germany” logo, company names and stand numbers.

Three green, 6.00 m high fabric “seedlings” protrude from the network structures, which deliver an eye-catching effect from afar, and which also sport a Germany logo.

The dividing walls between the individual companies are made from blue material, the rear walls are conventional and white in design, which allow for the different company graphics to be incorporated.
On the white information stand, the decorative colours of blue and green on the counters and the three fabric seedlings help to create colourful accents and a pleasant atmosphere.


  • Design + visualisation
  • Preparation for awarding contracts
  • Implementation planning
  • Cost management
  • Supervisory construction management
  • Project management
Games Developers Conference
Games Developers Conference
Games Developers Conference