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Realisation competition for a modular trade fair appearance by Solon AG


Dwindling fossil fuel resources combined with constantly growing energy requirements are increasingly creating problems worldwide whose sustainable solution is of central social, political and economic importance.
Resource-saving technologies and the intensive use of solar energy form a promising market with enormous potential.
As one of the leading manufacturers of solar modules and solar system technology, SOLON meets this challenge and its social and ecological responsibility by developing technologically and aesthetically groundbreaking products.
As a high-tech company, SOLON is progressively solution-oriented and works towards a clear goal with commitment and great energy:
“don’t leave the planet to the stupid”
So what could be more natural than to combine this energy, the drive of the company with the passion for solar energy and make it a model for the conception of a new trade fair presence?
– Formal image of pure energy –
A closer look at the sun reveals recurrent violent eruptions, high-energy streams of matter on the surface of the sun, which form visible arcuate structures in the plasma of the photosphere along magnetic field lines: Protuberances
Tamed by technology and seemingly frozen, these highly dynamic arched structures form a flowing space and futuristic eye-catcher for SOLON’s trade show presence.
In brilliant white, they symbolize technical standards and know-how as well as almost inexhaustible energy as the cornerstones of the SOLON brand.
Projected solar winds and polar lights flicker over the structures and bring them to life.
In the atmospheric, pure-white world of the stand’s interior, freely accessible and highly translucent spaces for ideas and exchanges of ideas, which are highly in keeping with the company’s philosophy, form the backdrop for an innovative corporate culture.
Changing materials and surfaces zonate areas and create both haptic and visual experiences.
Flexible LED media walls, plasma monitors and changing light scenarios create visual stimuli and convey messages.
The emotional element is a product ballet that rotates on a reflecting surface and can be controlled interactively. Visitors can start and influence individual pieces of music. The product presentation thus becomes a staged experience without losing its information content.
The modular usability, the adaptability to different stand sizes and the uniqueness of the design ensure a maximum of recognition value for the concept and it thus clarifies the brand campaign in an expressive way: “What’s next?


  • Conceptualisation and competition work
  • Design + visualisation
  • Implementation planning



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