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Dominik Leis

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Design concept on behalf of Walbert-Schmitz GmbH for the trade fair appearance of the Vesuvius Group on around 300 m² at METEC.
The Vesuvius Group offers products, services and technologies for demanding high-temperature industrial applications worldwide.


The keystone of the Vesuvius company’s philosophy is the combination of innovative, individual solutions for specific requirements with direct customer contact and the best possible service. Proximity to the customer is reflected in the company`s corporate identity, that is inspired by steel production, and depicts the typical Vesuvius V.

The design uses this element to create a setting that enables spatial communication, resulting in a large, expressive stage design, made of black steel that separates the public from the B2B area.

A river of glowing, flowing steel, seems, animated by a projection, to split the form and to flow down just like in the production process. It finally pours into the lying casting ladle of the central exhibit and from there on forms a lake that defines the exhibition area.


  • concept development
  • Conception and competition management
  • Design + Visualization



project partner

  • walbert-schmitz