Energy-saving renovation work MFH, Aachen


As part of energy-saving renovation work to the attic floor of an apartment building in the city of Aachen, all apartments were set to be converted and modernised.
smd+ took on responsibility for the implementation and technical planning of this work that had already been approved.


The first building phase involved renovating the ground floor apartment and fitting it out with the latest modern amenities.
Subsequent building phases comprised the fusion of two residential units per building story into high-end apartments.
The fourth storey and the attic were converted into a generous maisonette including a rooftop terrace and modern, open-plan kitchen. In accordance with the statutory requirements under ENEV legislation, the individual roof segments and the dormers were strengthened to deliver greater energy efficiency.
The necessary sound and heat insulation inspections were also conducted as part of this process, and an energy efficiency certificate was issued on the basis of the available consumption data.


  • Implementation planning ground floor to top floor
  • Tendering and participatory role in the awarding of contracts
  • Construction management
  • Heat insulation verification (building section) for the top floor
  • Sound insulation appraisal
  • Consumption-oriented energy certificate – existing building



project partner

vom Felde + Kepler, Ingenieurbüro Lambrecht
energetische Sanierung MFH, Aachen
energetische Sanierung MFH, Aachen
energetische Sanierung MFH, Aachen
energetische Sanierung MFH, Aachen